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Idle Labyrinth

Choreography: Shaun Parrish

Music: Swedish House Mafia, SZA, Hans Zimmer

Costume Design: Jennifer Lippert

Lighting Design: Alice Jackins

"Idle Labyrinth represents my own journey discovering, reconciling with, and flourishing in my queer identity throughout my youth and collegiate life. It tackles themes of living in a heteronormative society and exploring beauty and sanctity in the LGBT community. Four tracks follow inner turmoil, experiences of a new world, love and pride. Voguing and whacking are two historically queer dance styles seen in this piece. Vogue as a dance form was created in Harlem during the 1970s and 80s within traditionally Black and Latino spaces. New York drag competitions titled "balls" in these spaces transformed pageantry to vogue. Whacking originated during the 1970s in the gay disco clubs of Los Angeles where queer Black, Latino, and Asian men pioneered the dance form in a journey of expression when society at large worked against them. I hope to pay homage to the beautiful history of queer dance forms and illuminate the community that helped me discover who I am." -- Shaun

Photo Credit: Gordon Wenzel – Impressions Photographic Studio

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