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Why Theatre? -- The arts are truly magical. They play with our perception of reality, as we are dazzled with visual theatrical effects, enchanted with beautiful sounds and music, or engrossed by every stroke in a painting. The thing that makes theatre especially magical is its ephemerality. There is some stellar feeling that comes when creating art live, while knowing that it will never be exactly replicated ever again. The beauty is that numerous individuals and elements come together to create that feeling for themselves, and for others. 

Lighting Design -- I was nine years old when I sat down at a light board for the first time. To me, that is where the real magic was made. I was no longer the one telling the story, but instead was influencing how it was perceived.  As a child who struggled with fine-motor skills, lighting gave me a way to create visual art. As I grew older, I learned the ways in which lighting merged with science, and my favorite school subject, geometry. Lighting lets me combine the art forms I was surrounded by as a child into an ultimate product. With lights I can paint, sculpt, and carve. I can correlate my lighting to music or dance moves. Also, I get to work in favorite places in the world. 

Stage Management -- My joy comes from working with others.  For me, collaboration is key. I strive to help others tell their stories, or stories that they feel need to be told. Be it through organization, facilitating interactions, or calling the ultimate show, I want to be a part of the process. I am honored when others trust me with their passion projects.  

Director -- For me, directing is about so much more than putting on a production. Directing is community building and giving people a space to express themselves, or see their stories told on stage. I aim for synergy within my production team and my cast. Character development and sense of identity is crucial, as are the visual effects and behind the scenes work that go into any production.

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